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Clan Galbraith DNA Project

The Galbraith DNA Project was created to explore and better define the relationships of the 1500+ past and present members of the Galbraith Clan, a clan which began in 1150 on Loch Lomond. The project has two main components:

  1. Y-DNA testing of Males born Galbraith or one of its spelling variants. Female descendants can arrange to have a male Galbraith surnamed relative (father, brother, cousin, uncle, etc.) tested.

  2. Autosomal Testing for Females and Males who have a Galbraith in their direct and near-term past, such as a great, great grandmother. Note that detection capability drops off quickly beyond the 3rd great grandparent.

Our Galbraith DNA project began in the fall of 2003 and thus far, we have had more than 250 participants. Project participants come from all English-speaking countries. We have discovered the Galbraith lines are diverse, having multiple early origins with thirteen major DNA groups now discovered; parent countries (Ireland or Scotland predominate) have been found for most groups; many surnames, including those listed, have proven to come from the Galbraith root; several lines have proven connections back to our Clan Chiefs in the 1300s; and a few with other surnames (e.g., Britton, King, and Creel) surprisingly match the Galbraith DNA and through adoption or other events there was a common ancestor. The genealogy and history for all Galbraith's has prospered from testing, not only for our test subjects, but for those with a proven relationship to a participant. We recommend participants purchase through FTDNA an Y-DNA test if they are a Galbraith surnamed male at the highest number of markers within their financial means--the YDNA-37 marker test being the minimum; the Family Finder autosomal test if they are a male or female Galbraith descendant; or for Galbraith males a combination autosomal-Y DNA test.

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