Paul Galbraith
Clan Galbraith Society

Ladies and Gentlemen…

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the Clan Galbraith Society website. In the past 16 years we have reached out to members of Clan Galbraith all over the world. Our website receives hits from our cousins living in countries like Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Kenya, and of course the United States.

So, I realize you may be saying “The website is for Clan Galbraith, but my name is Calbreath, Colbath, Colbreath, Culbreath, Culberth, Culbreath, Culbreath, Galbreath, Gailbreath, Galberth, Galbrath, Galraithy, Galbrorth, Galbrith, Gilbreath, Gilbreth, Kulbeth, Kilbreath, Kilbeth, MacBraten, MacBerkney, Malbratnie, Macvretney.”

As we have all come to realize, all these surnames and probably more come together to form the roots of Clan Galbraith. If nothing else, we all have experienced the distinct misfortune of hearing the pronunciation of our name horribly slaughtered by everyone from classmates to telemarketers to hostesses calling us to our table.

Why should YOU join the clan Galbraith society? I can give you several reasons.

Thank you for finding us. Please consider joining us and let us show you what we are made of and what we can do for you.

Clan Galbraith Gatherings

2024 Gathering - Planning in process. Glasgow, Scotland. May 2024.

2022 Gathering - Cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak.

July 2020 Gathering - Tacoma, Washington, USA (cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak)

May 2018 Gathering - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

May 2016 Gathering - Vancouver, Canada

May 2014 Gathering - Charleston, South Carolina, USA

May 2012 Gathering - Culcreuch Castle, Fintry, Scotland

May 2010 Gathering - Victoria, B.C., Canada

April 2008 Gathering - Huntersville, North Carolina

June 2006 Gathering - Salt Lake City, Utah

June 2004 Gathering - Keltic Lodge, Cape Breton Nova Scotia

May 2002 Gathering - Culcreuch Castle - Fintry, Scotland

May 2000 Gathering - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

July 1998 Gathering - Ft Wayne, Indiana

July 1996 Gathering - Nashville, Tennessee

July 1994 Gathering - Wagoner, Oklahoma

June 1992 Gathering - Donegal Springs, Pennsylvania

June 1990 Gathering - Salt Lake City, Utah

June 1988 Gathering - Oberlin, Ohio

June 1986 Gathering - Salt Lake City, Utah

July 1984 Gathering - Alexandria, Virginia

August 1982 Gathering - Golden, Colorado

June 1981 Organizational Meeting - Culcreuch Castle, Fintry, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Spring, 1980 - The Clan Galbraith Society of the U.S. was formed with 64 members and the first Red Tower was published.