The Red Tower, November 2021 -
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(updated 02 Nov 2021)

Clan Gathering 2022 - POSTPONED to 2024 due to COVID

To All Members,

The board of directors met Sunday afternoon (9/19/21) to discuss the current issues around the covid restrictions. The restrictions the United States Government, the Scottish Government, and the airlines are placing on people who want to travel to and from Scotland makes it very difficult to plan for any big event. Some of the details of the restrictions are as follows:
I do not know the specific rules for Canada or Australia, but I have been told by a member in Australia he had to cancel because he might not be able to get himself or his family back in the country.

Due to the ongoing evolution of this pandemic and the resulting restrictions governments are having to impose to keep people safe, the board of directors has decided to postpone the Scotland Gathering until 2024. Further information will be coming out in future e-mails and The Red Tower regarding the 2022 gathering and election of officers.

Paul Galbraith
Clan Galbraith President

New Members of Clan Galbraith Society -

Returning Members of Clan Galbraith Society -

  • Kent W Carlisle (#958) from Corinth, Texas, US (re-joined 1/7/22)
  • Alan Davis from Scottsdale, Arizona, US (#1457) (re-joined 1/8/22)
  • Debi Galbraith (#609) from Payson, Arizona, US (re-joined 6/12/21)
  • George Galbraith (#1125) from Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa (re-joined 8/11/21)
  • John Wayne Galbreath (#1223) from Godfrey, Illinois, US (re-joined 9/1/21)
  • David Gilbreath (#98) from Marietta, Georgia, US (re-joined 11/3/21)
  • Peggy Marshall (#1234) from Chadron, Nebraska, USA (re-joined 6/16/21)
  • Carolyn Owen (#1375) from Seattle, Washington, USA (re-joined 8/16/21)
  • Ruby Riley (#844) from Katy, Texas, US (re-joined 10/31/21)
  • Alexander Rudolph (#1358) from Los Angeles, California, USA (re-joined 12/8/21)
  • Olivia Rudolph (#1357) from Denver, Colorado, USA (re-joined 12/8/21)
  • Kimberly Shock (#1148) from Saint Joseph, Missouri, US (re-joined 11/7/21)
  • Damon Thomas (#1036) from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (re-joined 9/16/21)


  • This is an interesting and great example of why we are interested in DNA. Some theorists have surmised that Galbraith may be a descriptive surname of people who lived in the ancient kingdom of Strathclyde and spoke Cumbric, a now extinct language close to early Welsh and spoken by early Britons, and not just one family. - DNA Testing Dispels a Genealogical Myth

  • From Dana Love, Clan Autosomal DNA Director, via FB post of 1/1/2022:
          Happy New Year! Here is a recap of our latest DNA statistics for 2021 from the Galbraith DNA project and! We categorize our DNA participants by biological Galbraith group based on the YDNA of male Galbraith surnamed participants in a particular line. We added 22% more YDNA kits vs last year's 3% and autosomal kits (Ancestry, 23andme, FTDNA, My Heritage) continue to grow (26% vs 13% last year.) This past year we focused on upgrading YDNA kits to the BigY700 and we continue to focus on getting autosomal kits to the free site We now have more BigY700 kits in the project than any other YDNA test category! These two factors will help link historical lines together and we are excited that it is already beginning to do that for us. Besides this, we hope to be able to make the Ungrouped category a lower number and place some of those into other Groups. If you are in the ungrouped category, you can help us by looking for a male Galbraith to test. We have a kit in progress from Australia, that is going to help solve that equation for members in Australia, Canada, Hawaii, and Northern Ireland. If you haven't joined our DNA project, please send me an email at You never know when your DNA may help another member.