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(updated 20 Nov 2022)

Clan Gathering 2022 - POSTPONED to 2024 due to COVID

To All Members,

The board of directors met Sunday afternoon (9/19/21) to discuss the current issues around the covid restrictions. The restrictions the United States Government, the Scottish Government, and the airlines are placing on people who want to travel to and from Scotland makes it very difficult to plan for any big event. Some of the details of the restrictions are as follows:
  • The Airlines are requiring all passengers to be vaccinated to travel.
  • Scotland is requiring all visitors be vaccinated with a two dose vaccine. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not recognized.
  • Scotland is requiring a negative PCR test no more than three days from the day of travel. If you arrive at the airport and Customs determines your test is too old or you test positive there at the airport they will deny entry.
  • Masks will be required for group events over 20 people.
  • If you get a breakthrough case in Scotland, then you will be required to quarantine for at least 10 days at your expense in the hotel.
  • The United States is requiring a negative PCR test within three days before traveling back to the U.S.
  • The United States has also classified the UK as a level 4, Do Not Travel, due to the virus.
I do not know the specific rules for Canada or Australia, but I have been told by a member in Australia he had to cancel because he might not be able to get himself or his family back in the country.

Due to the ongoing evolution of this pandemic and the resulting restrictions governments are having to impose to keep people safe, the board of directors has decided to postpone the Scotland Gathering until 2024. Further information will be coming out in future e-mails and The Red Tower regarding the 2022 gathering and election of officers.

Paul Galbraith
Clan Galbraith President

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