Clan Galbraith Society

Clan Galbraith Gathering May 2002
Culcreuch Castle - Fintry, Scotland

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Sunday, May 17, 2002 - Opening Ceremony

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Everyone gathered in Galbraith Hall for the Opening Ceremony Old and New Friends make acquaintances Clan Galbraith Banner proudly displayed Steven Galbraith with
James B. G. Austin and
James Galbraith

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James Austin officially kicks off the Clan Galbraith Gathering 2002 President Jerry Galbreath officially declares the Gathering open! The Rev. John Turnbull of the Fintry Parish Church opens the Gathering with a prayer Special Guest Speaker Dr. Sam Galbraith, former member of Westminster and Scottish Parliaments

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Honored Guest, Thomas Galloway Galbraith, 2nd Baron, Lord Strathclyde addresses the Gathering Clan Bard Andy Emerson opens with a song. Vice President Dave Colwell and Betsy DeCarolis Betsy with
Web Administrator Steven Galbraith

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Audrey and John Galbraith of Ottawa, Ontario with Stu Robinson, and Debra Galbraith Art Galbraith, Herman Heikkenen, Roger Steingraber and Edna Colwell William  and Anita Gilbreath with Susan Markey Kitty Pederson with
Andy Emerson and
Mary Robinson

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