Clan Galbraith Society

Clan Galbraith Gathering May 2002
Culcreuch Castle - Fintry, Scotland

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Thursday, May 23, 2002 - Business Meeting and Closing Ceremony

Business Meeting 3.jpg (26114 bytes) Business Meeting 2.jpg (31249 bytes) Business Meeting 1.jpg (33005 bytes) Closing Ceremony 1.jpg (51234 bytes)
Jerry Galbreath officially calls the Clan Galbraith Association Business Meeting to order Vice President David Colwell gives his presentation Stu Robinson has the job of telling us where the money went. The Closing Ceremony begins
Steve Galbraith
James Austin
Jerry Galbreath
Closing Ceremony 2.jpg (51484 bytes) Closing Ceremony 3.jpg (52692 bytes) Closing Ceremony 4.jpg (52656 bytes) Closing Ceremony 5.jpg (52033 bytes)
Photo Op...
Men in Kilts
The Photographer tries to get the Clan Members together for a group picture I have never seen this many Galbraith's in one spot... The Photographer is trying to get everyone in the shot...
Closing Ceremony 6.jpg (50576 bytes) Closing Ceremony 7.jpg (52615 bytes) Closing Ceremony 8.jpg (32953 bytes) Closing Ceremony 9.jpg (26995 bytes)
James Austin and the Photographer sharing a wee dram of Scotch The Officers of the Clan Galbraith Society The Closing Ceremony begins Anxiously Awaiting the arrival of the Haggis
Closing Ceremony 13.jpg (24818 bytes) Closing Ceremony 10.jpg (28846 bytes) Closing Ceremony 11.jpg (30947 bytes) Closing Ceremony 12.jpg (27529 bytes)
James Austin pipes in the Haggis Andy Emerson prepares the Haggis Andy Emerson recites an amazing poem he wrote just for this occasion Andy Emerson Addresses the Haggis...
Closing Ceremony 14.jpg (30218 bytes) Closing Ceremony 15.jpg (28704 bytes) Closing Ceremony 16.jpg (28989 bytes) Closing Ceremony 17.jpg (30899 bytes)
"Hello Haggis..." David Smillie gives the evenings blessing for the meal we are about to receive Jerry thanks Debra for all her hard work coordinating the Gathering Congratulations Debra on a job well done!!
Closing Ceremony 18.jpg (30497 bytes) Closing Ceremony 19.jpg (42911 bytes) Business Meeting 20.jpg (28916 bytes) Closing Ceremony 21.jpg (33456 bytes)
Closing Night Attendees Take the picture already Can we eat now? Who is this guy with the camera anyway?
Closing Ceremony 22.jpg (29856 bytes) Business Meeting 23.jpg (29996 bytes)    
Is it time for dessert yet? Table 12 needs more Haggis!    

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