Clan Galbraith Society

Clan Galbraith Gathering May 2002
Culcreuch Castle - Fintry, Scotland

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002 - Seminars in Galbraith Hall and Pub Night

Stu Robinsons Presentation.jpg (34410 bytes) Bettys Presentation.jpg (28542 bytes) James Presentation.jpg (25387 bytes) Steves Presentation.jpg (21654 bytes)
Stuart Robinson gave an interesting and informative presentation on Clan Galbraith History Betsy DeCarolis' Seminar was a Genealogy Workshop  She did a remarkable job of illustrating her challenges with her family research James Austin gave an outstanding Seminar on Photography, and also a pretty remarkable impression of Fozzy Bear!!! Steve Galbraith gave a presentation on this very web page and where we hope it will take us in the future
Folks from Fintry.JPG (45485 bytes) Pub Night 1.jpg (42274 bytes) Pub Night 2.jpg (29724 bytes) Pub Night 3.jpg (37043 bytes)
A very special couple that spent the week with us.   Rosetta Wilson and David Smillie from Renfrew, Scotland Andy Emerson and Steve Galbraith kick off the festivities of "Pub Night" in the Dungeon Room at Culcreuch Castle Andy already knows the words, Steve seems to have lost the chords James Austin joins in on the bagpipes as Pub Night becomes a "Highland Jam Session"
Pub Night 4.jpg (35253 bytes)      
The night takes on a special flare when band members from the Closing Nights festivities show up      

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