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Clan Galbraith Gathering May 2002
Culcreuch Castle - Fintry, Scotland

Below are "thumbnail" images of this days events with narratives and commentary.  If you see an image
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Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - Kippen Cemetery, William Wallace Memorial, Stirling Castle, site of the Battle of Bannockburn and the Whiskey Tasting!!!

Kippen Cemetery.jpg (43987 bytes) Kippen Crest.jpg (52748 bytes) Wallace Memorial 2.jpg (54038 bytes) Wallace Memorial.jpg (52695 bytes)
Cemetery in Kippen Galbraith Crest
Cemetery in Kippen, Scotland
Sir William Wallace Memorial in Stirling Scotland Steve, Art, and Jim Galbraith William Wallace Memorial, Stirling, Scotland
Sir William Wallace Monument Stirling Scotland.jpg (32986 bytes) The Sword of Sir William Wallace Stirling Scotland.jpg (26405 bytes) The View from the top of Sir William Wallace Memorial Stirling Scotland.jpg (31140 bytes) Stirling Castle Stirling Scotland.jpg (28493 bytes)
Sir William Wallace Memorial
Stirling, Scotland
The Sword of Sir William Wallace View of Stirling Scotland from the top of the Wallace Memorial Stirling Castle
Stirling Castle Stirling Scotland 1.jpg (22886 bytes) 1 Stirling Castle Stirling Scotland.jpg (28915 bytes) 2 Stirling Castle Stirling Scotland.jpg (22320 bytes) Robert the Bruce Site of the Battle of Bannockburn Scotland.jpg (17243 bytes)
Stirling Castle
Stirling, Scotland
Stirling Castle Stirling Castle Robert the Bruce at the site of the Battle of Bannockburn
Whiskey Tasting 1.jpg (26848 bytes) Whiskey Tasting 2.jpg (24372 bytes) Whiskey Tasting 3.jpg (21480 bytes) Whiskey Tasting 4.jpg (22160 bytes)
Andy Emerson hosts the Whisky Tasting, as Single Malt Whisky's from all over Scotland are sampled, here by William Gilbreath Pearl Galbraith Barker with Art Galbraith, Betty Gilbert and
Janine Speakman
Dave Colwell and
Susan Markey
Joan Gilbreath
Stu and Mary Robinson discuss the finer points of a Single Malt Scotch
Whiskey Tasting 5.jpg (23959 bytes) Whiskey Tasting 6.jpg (24381 bytes) Whiskey Tasting 7.jpg (27539 bytes)  
Jerry Galbraith raises a toast with his daughter Charity Anne Ingrid Galbraith and Valerie Bird who joined us from Wales Now, everyone tries to "remember" which one they liked the best...I had to try them all a second time...just to be sure.  

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