Clan Galbraith Gathering June 2004

Keltic Lodge - Cape Breton Nova Scotia

We gathered at Keltic Lodge on the Middle Head Peninsula, between the villages of Ingonish Beach and Ingonish on lovely Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. There were 60 of us; some meeting for the first time; some renewing old friendships. The mood was joyful; the fellowship was wonderful; the trees were blooming; and spring was in the air. We had a GREAT time!!

The links below lead to some photos of us enjoying each other and the beauty of Cape Breton. -Oh! We also had educational meetings and got some essential clan business done, but the joy of our fellowship is what made the gathering so memorable.

Susan Eva, our gathering coordinator, did a great job in organizing the schedule and the events. Susan, along with her husband, John, and daughter, Kristin, worked like beavers so that the rest of us could relax and enjoy the activities.

Keltic Lodge, Where we Gathered

Registration and Reception - Day 1

Search for a Chief and DNA Presentations - Day 2

Gaelic College and Lobster Dinner - Day 3

Cheticamp, Tartans and Treasures, Pub Night - Day 4

Bi-Annual Meetings, Group Photo, and Banquet - Day 5

Scenic Panoramas

More Scenery


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