In Memoriam - James (Jim) Bartrom Galbraith

March 2, 1944 - July 19, 2020

James Bartrom "Jim" Galbraith passed away on July 19, 2020. Although not a member of Clan Galbraith Society, he was a donor to the Clan Galbraith DNA project. He was a first cousin of Joyce Galbraith Colony (CGS # 42), Elizabeth Galbraith DeCarolis (CGS # 681) and Carolyn Galbraith Nolan (CGS # 1651); and first cousin once removed of Catherine Allison DeCarolis Medovich (CGS # 243).
He is survived by his beloved wife and tireless Galbraith family researcher of 57 years, Sharon Fore Galbraith; his sister, Judy Galbraith Simmons (Stan) and their son Charley; a son James Michael (Kristin); a daughter, Crystal Bollinger (John), three granddaughters; nieces and nephews, and countless friends.
Jim generously and enthusiastically offered his DNA sample to the Clan Galbraith DNA Project, first announced in the September, 2003 Red Tower. By early March, 2004, Jim had received his kit and returned it to Family Tree DNA; he received his results in mid-June of 2004.
Just after graduating from high school in Salem, Virginia, Jim enlisted and served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve for eight years. He operated Galbraith Electric Motor Service for 15-plus years. His vast interests included computer technology, sports, and providing support and guidance to a nephew when Jim's older brother William Eugene Galbraith, Jr. (1942 - 1981) died unexpectedly. Jim's special interests were aviation and flying as a licensed commercial pilot, providing charter flight service to professional groups for regional meetings and appointments. Jim always observed the decision of whether to fly or not fly, depending on the weather.
It was Jim's limitless energy, generosity, consideration of others, and interest in all subjects, that inspired him to donate his DNA sample to the Clan Galbraith DNA Project. As William "Bill" Gilbreath, our Clan Genealogist, wrote on July 23, 2020 in an email: "Although James was not a member, he was invaluable to the Clan and Group 1 in particular. His, your [Elizabeth or Betsy's, as well as Betsy's daughter Catherine's], and Joyce's [plus Carolyn's] line was securely proven as the Bartrom family name went back three centuries in each generation."
Jim's Clan Galbraith Group 1 line of descent is as follows: James GALBRAITH (IR, 1666, m. Rebecca Chambers); James (IR, 1703, m. Elizabeth Bertram); William (PA, 1736 with consort Hester Rees. He was officially married to Margaret Buchanan.); Thomas (MD c. 1777, m. Catherine Kissecker, 1803): Bartram (Fort Chiswell, VA, 1814, m. secondly Louemma Rebecca Tipton Quesenberry, 1872); William Bartrom (Draper, VA, 1879, m. Nellie Gray Allison, 1901); William Eugene (Draper, VA 1906, m. Gladys Ernesteen Garst, 1941); == > James Bartrom (Roanoke, VA, 1944, m. Sharon Fore, 01 June 1963).


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