Guide for Membership

WELCOME, and thank you for considering joining the Clan Galbraith Society.

The principal requirement is that you can establish a relationship, either by blood or marriage, to the Galbraith Clan (including known surname variations).

Our goals and objectives are to rekindle the Galbraith Clan spirit, to encourage and promote genealogical and historical research, and to preserve the customs and traditions of the Scottish people.

Your Membership includes access to the Clan online Library, research assistance, participation at our Gatherings, and Galbraith representation at Highland Games, and a subscription to our quarterly journal, THE RED TOWER. The Red Tower is published four times a year: in November, February, May, and August.
A preview of the Red Tower is available to view.

The steps to joining are :

  1. Paying for your membership using PayPal or major credit card on the link at the bottom of the page (Payment is refunded if it is found that you are not eligible for membership as above).
    The cost is $45 for 3 years membership.

  2. Completion of an online Family History form (link emailed after payment). Please contact if you do not receive this confirmation email. The Family History form assures us that you descend from a Galbraith or other qualifying name, plus it helps you when you begin your genealogical research!

    It is important that the Family History Form be completed and submitted, as your membership will not be activated until the Clan genealogists complete a review of your submitted ancestry.

If you wish to pay by check/cheque please download an application form :- here

Applicants will need to acknowledge the terms of agreement when they pay. See here for a copy.

If you have any technical problems with the online payment please contact our webmaster :

For questions, ideas, suggestions about the Clan Galbraith Society, contact our Society's president: