2021 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

8-11 July 2021
Linville, North Carolina

by Carol Galbreath Kiefer -

Yesterday the president of Grandfather Mountain Highland Games stopped by our tent to tell us how impressed he was with our video we did for the May 1st virtual calling of the clans- announcing Clan Galbraith is coming to Grandfather. If you are not familiar with the video, it features several members answering the call to video themselves saying the pronunciation of their spelling of Galbraith. John Galbraith, our former secretary, did an expert job of editing and piecing the snippets together.

For the July 8th actual calling of the clans, I wrote the following and my grandson, Roston Kiefer recited it and added our torch to the flame:

In the virtual calling of the clans, you heard the names we call ourselves
But Since the 12th Century we have been known by other Names
Our first chief was called giant and wild man
The Lennox Earls called us loyal cadets
Young King Alexander called our 4th chief co-regent of Scotland
Robert the Bruce called us trusted friend for the shelter we gave him in the woods that bear our name.
Some have called us Septs, but we are no one’s sept.
The Lord Lyon calls us an independent clan
Stop in and we will share our history,
Clan Galbraith is Here!

How do you say our name?

( Thanks to John Galbraith for making this video! Thanks to all who participated and thanks to Rick Galbraith for the stirring Galbraith "Anthem"! )

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