2022 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

7-10 July 2022
Linville, North Carolina

Calling of the clans July 7th 2022. Roston Kiefer representing Clan Galbraith.
Thanks to Carol Galbreath Kiefer for making this video!

Caption 1 - Dusk on Thursday as the torches were being lit for the Calling of the Clans.

Caption 2 - The Galbraith booth.

Caption 3 - The Galbraith booth.

Caption 4 - The Galbraith Hospitality tent on the games side.

Caption 5 - Grandfather Mountain.

Caption 6 - Michael Creel, Paul Galbraith, Steven, Kristin and Roston Kiefer enjoying a bit of blether with Mr Munro. Calista, the Co-Regent for Clan Douglas for the State of NC has her back to the camera.

Caption 7 - Author Lori Francis and CGS President Paul Galbraith.

Caption 8 - Duncan Lacroix from Outlander as honored guest in the Novel Adventures Parade.