Appalachian Medley

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Many Scots resettled into the U.S. in a region known as Appalachia so it is fair to believe that songs indigenous to this region may have origins in Ireland and Scotland. Many of the old-timey Appalachian songs are in a Mixolydian key, as is the Bagpipe, so those songs are often playable on the Pipes.

Music for the Pipes, or Pibroch (pronounced Peb-rock), is commonly played as a medley. After all, "Once ya' get 'em goin', ya' might as well keep 'em goin'." In Pipe Band competitions, the selection commonly begins with a Strathspey (an up-tempo dance tune), followed by a Slow-Air, and concludes with either a Reel or a Fast-Jig (again, very up-tempo). The Appalachian Medley you are about to hear was scored for the pipes by the Clan Piper and conforms to this tradition.

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