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Peggy Marlow |
I am also tracing my family heritage through DNA (Family Tree) and extensive research. It has taken me all the way to Scotland and Ireland, as well as France. I have traced my 'MARLOW' family line, 2nd gr-grandfather Green A. Marlow, his mother, My 3rd great grandmother was Martha (Gilreath) Marlow 1812�1892 Wilkesburough, NC. Her parents were Henry Jeremiah Gilreath 1781�1849 and Lavina Parks. Henry's parents were William Wesley Gilreath Jr. (Capt) 1753�1834 and Mary Arrington. William W. father was William W. Gireath SR. 1730-1795. His father was George W. Gilreath (Aberdeen,Scotland 1687-1789, living over 100 years) and his mother was Mary Elizabeth Murray. I have trace Mary's lineage back to Colin "1st Laird of Glenorchy" Campbell 1400�1480 Lochgilphead, Scotland and Sir William Ruthven.
Earliest Ancestor: Sir William Gilreath 1640 Scotland and
26 February 2016

William L. Creel |
In having refinement of my DNA through all levels to 111 it is interesting that my sample is the same as the Galbraith clan. I've been chasing my surname history since the 1980s.
Earliest Ancestor: Charles Creel, 1756
4 January 2016

Crystal [Lanning/Gilreath] |
My Grandfather "Gilreath" is from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. My 7th great grandfather [George W Gilreath - 1687 - 1789] was born (12 Mar 1687) in St Nicholas Church, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. He died (06 May 1789) in Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina. I'm trying to connect with my family line through DNA as well as legitimate family groups.
Earliest Ancestor: George W Gilreath - 1687 - 1789
24 February 2015

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