Clan Galbraith Genealogy

The purpose of this page is provide you with links, and locations of valuable information that can help you with you family history searches for your Galbraith relatives and ancestors. It will also include web pages, hints, success stories, and discoveries that may just point you in a direction you never thought of looking before.

Check back often to see additions as this page will continue to grow and grow as valuable items come in. If you have a success story, that took you through some twists and turns, really taxed your investigative skills, and FINALLY discovered that missing relative, or if you find a site that will help others in their journeys through their family trees please send them to :-

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December 10, 2001 - caution added September 11, 2006

We have posted a rather signifcant GEDCOM listing for the Galbraiths of Pennsylvania. It is very informative and useful. If your relatives settled in the Pennsylvania area, it would be a good idea to take a look at these records.
CAUTION: We have recently determined that some of the major lines that have long been thought to descend from the "John of Ireland" ancestor in this file are not genetically connected. This was determined by DNA testing of descendants of some of these lines. The file is now under review and will be soon revised to reflect these discoveries.

We have posted the GEDCOM file itself so that you can download it, and in addition, we have a Pennsylvania Galbraiths searchable webpage for your convenience on which to search. Hope that you will find this information beneficial.

November 20, 2001 - Caution added May 31, 2012. US GenWeb Project reference added 1 Jan 2023.

I found a great web site that has .jpg files of all the state maps from the United States in 1895. They are all downloadable, and during my research, have found these to be an amazing tool, especially as an aid to census record lookup. Nice site: . (note: This site may no longer be active. You might try instead.)

This location gives you an opportunity to look up the contact information from any county in the United States. Trying to find the right contact for the County Clerk and Recorder in the county in which your Great-Great Grandfather lived? This is a great place to start:

CAUTION: For some as yet unexplained reason, these links sometimes don't work. If you encounter the "don't work" condition, try typing the link directly into your web browser -- the pages are there and always seem accessible when accessed directly.