Guide for Membership

WELCOME, and thank you for considering joining the Clan Galbraith Society.

The principal requirement is that you can establish a relationship, either by blood or marriage, to the Galbraith Clan (including known surname variations).

Our goals and objectives are to rekindle the Galbraith Clan spirit, to encourage and promote genealogical and historical research, and to preserve the customs and traditions of the Scottish people.

Your Membership includes access to the Clan online Library, research assistance, participation at our Gatherings, and Galbraith representation at Highland Games, and a subscription to our quarterly journal, THE RED TOWER. The Red Tower is published four times a year: in November, February, May, and August.
A preview of the Red Tower is available to view.

You may join by downloading and filling out a membership application ( get it here ) and sending it and a check/cheque for dues to the Clan Treasurer.

OR, You may join online as follows:

- Step 1 -

Complete a Family History Form. You must establish an ancestral relationship, either by blood or marriage, to the Galbraith Clan (or known surname variations). Provide what information you can. You needn't go back 10 generations, but please include your parents and grandparents.

Your membership application will be considered when the Clan genealogists are able to review your submitted ancestry.

  1. An Excel version of the form (click here), OR

  2. A text version of the form (click here).
Fill it out and send it to , then proceed to step 2.

Alternately, you may fill out your Family History via an online form (click here). We will automatically be notified of your submission and will download it.

- Step 2 -

The next step is to fill out a membership application online and pay a membership fee. The cost is $45 for 3 years membership. We use PayPal to allow you to pay for your membership by using either your PayPal account or major credit card (you don't need a PayPal account to pay this way). The payment link is at the bottom of the application page (Payment is refunded if it is found that you are not eligible for membership as above).
To fill out and submit an online application click here .