Ephraim BLAINE ([Or33-])


26 May 1741 - 16 Feb 1804

Family 1 : Rebecca GALBRAITH
  1. +Robert BLAINE
  2.  David BLAINE
  3. +James BLAINE
  4.  Rebecca BLAINE
  5.  John (twin) BLAINE
  6.  Isabel (twin) BLAINE
  7.  Elizabeth BLAINE
  8. +Ephraim E. BLAINE
Family 2 : Sarah E. DUNCAN


[131] FROM: Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, Volumes I-III
Martha Porter Ewing Carson

Colonel Blaine married (first) June 26, 1765, Rebecca, daughter of John and Jannett Galbraith, a well known Scotch family. She died shortly after the war closed. He married (second) after some years, Sarah E. Duncan, widow of Judge Duncan. She was a resident of Carlisle, near which town was his estate of "Middlesex". Judge Duncan was killed, September 20, 1797, in a duel with a lawyer named Lamberton, and one of the judge's seconds was James Blaine, son of Colonel Ephraim Blaine by his first wife. A few years after the duel Colonel Blaine married Mrs. Duncan, who long survived him, and aftor his death she resided on Walnut street, west of Twelfth street, Philadelphia, where she attained the great age of ninety, dying about the year 1850. By his first wife Colonel Blaine had six children, of whom we can name three:
James, see forward;
Robert, married Anna Susanna Metzger;
David, married Isabella Hill.
By his second marriage there was a son, Ephraim, who was drowned in the mill race at "Middlesex".

James (2) Blaine, son of Colonel Ephraim and Rebecca (Galbraith) Blaine, was born in Middleton township, Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, died in 1832 in Washington county, Pennsylvania. In 1791 he was an attaché to one of the American embassies abroad, and was the bearer to this country of the celebrated "Jay Treaty" that so incensed the enemies of Alexander Hamilton. In 1780 he went to Western Pennsylvania, and in 1804 to Brownsville, on the Monongahela river, where he began merchandising. He was commissioned a justice of the peace, a position he held many years. He afterward removed to Sewickley, Allegheny county, where he owned a farm that he sold to the "Economists". He then removed to a small farm near Washington, Pennsylvania, where he died. Mr. Blaine married (first) Jane ---, born 1769, died in April, 1793. Married (second) January 16, 1795, Margaret, daughter of Samuel Lyon, of Cumberland county,Pennsylvania.
His children, all by second wife, were:
1. Ephraim Lyon, born February 28, 1796, married Maria, daughter of Neal Gillespie Jr., and great-granddaughter of Neal Gillespie; they were the parents of Hon. James G. Blaine, the great statesman and Republican presidential candidate in 1884 against Grover Cleveland, and of the mother of the wife of General William T. Sherman.
2. Margaret Jane, married William Sample, founder of the Washington (Pennsylvania) Reporter, prothonatary of Washington county, and died in the west.
3. Ellen, see forward.
4. William.
5. Robert, of Washington, D. C.
6. Samuel, of Louisville, Kentucky.
7. Ann, married Jacob Mason and removed to Iowa.

Ellen Blaine, third child of James (2) and Margaret (Lyon) Blaine, married John H. Ewing, born October 5, 1796, son of William and Mary (Conwell) Ewing. Children: 1. Rev. William E., of Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania.
2. George.
3. John, see forward.
4. Samuel Blaine.
5. Margaret, married Dr. Halleck, of Pittsburgh.
6. Elizabeth, married Rev. William Speer, of Washington, Pennsylvania.
8. Mary, wife of Professor Woods, of Washington, Pennsylvania.

Colonel John Ewing, son of John H. and Ellen (Blaine) Ewing, married Elizabeth Marshall, of Kentucky.

Martha Porter, daughter of Colonel John and Elizabeth (Marshall) Ewing, was born in Allegheny (Pittsburgh, North Side), Pennsylvania. She married Robert Carson Jr.

William T. Lyon

NEW NOTES After the close of the war, he retired to his estate at Middlesex, Cumberland Co., Penna., where in 1794 he entertained Washington and his suite, when they were called to the interior of the state on matters pertaining to the Whisky Insurrection. He was one of the original members of the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati. He married first Rebecca Galbraith, and secondly Mrs. Duncan, widow of Judge Duncan of Carlisle, Penna. He was a hero of the Revolution, and died in 1808

1759 appointed Commissary Sgt. connected w/ BOQUET expedition 1763
1771-1773 sheriff of Cumberland County PA
1776-82 commissary general (including Valley Forge)
was wealthy and advanced money to the new US army to buy supplies-Valley Forge
Gen Washington stayed at his home in Carlisle 1794 (Whiskey Insurrection)

Pennsylvania: Genealogies chiefly Scotch-Irish and German" by William Henry Egle, 1886, 2nd edition 1896 (Placerville book GEN REF 929.109748 E)
Pg.280: Ephraim Blaine, b. May 26, 1741 in north of Ireland; to Cumberland Co., PA; d. 16 Feb. 1804 Middleton Twp., Cumberland Co., PA. Cumberland Co., PA, sheriff 1771-1773, in Rev. War. Married (1) June 26, 1765 (prob. Cumberland Co., PA) Rebecca Galbraith; married (2) Sarah E. Duncan, widow of John Duncan of Carlisle and daughter of Col. Samuel Postlethwaite.

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1778 - ____

Father: John GALBRAITH
Mother: Mary MCCAULEY

Family 1 : Patrick HAYES

                       _James GALBRAITH ____+
                      | (1703 - 1786) m 1734
 _John GALBRAITH _____|
| (1748 - 1802) m 1775|
|                     |_Elizabeth BERTRAM __+
|                       (1714 - 1799) m 1734
|--Elizabeth GALBRAITH 
|  (1778 - ....)
|                      _James MCCOLLEY _____
|                     | (.... - 1810)       
|_Mary MCCAULEY ______|
  (.... - 1821) m 1775|


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Galbreath MCCAY


ABT 1757 - ____

Mother: Margaret GALBRAITH

|                     |
|                     |_____________________
|--Galbreath MCCAY 
|  (1757 - ....)
|                      _Unknown GALBRAITH __+
|                     | (1695 - ....)       
|_Margaret GALBRAITH _|
  (1730 - 1759) m 1753|


[1362] MC CAY, WILLIAM. Springfield. April 25, 1759. October 21, 1765.
All estate to 4 sons, viz., John, William, Thomas and Galbreath, D20 to
be taken from Galbreath's share and given to John Galbreath to pay for
his maintenance until he is of age.
Executors: Brothers in law John Galbreath and James McCollough.
Witnesses: Jesse Maris, Alban Roberts
[Wm McCay was apparently married to a Galbreath, now deceased, sister of John Galbreath and Wm has a sister, McCay, married to James McCollough-or Wm McCay, had a first wife McCollough-note that Galbreath McCay is nearly 20 years younger than his brothers, born by 1759, but still a minor in 1777; brothers of majority in 1759]

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