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Hello, my name is Courtney and I am originally from east Texas. I was raised by my great-grandmother who’s maiden name was Opal Galbreath. Her father was Admiral Dewey Galbreath.

I’ve done a little bit of digging and I was able to find pictures of Galbreath headstones in both Scotland and Wales and I know at one point the family was in Tennessee.

I really want to learn more and hopefully soon my husband and I will be traveling to Scotland to find out more about both of our families.

Admin reply: Dear Courtney,
As it turns out I still live in Tennessee. We have several Galbraiths and Galbreaths in the state. I am glad you will be going to Scotland soon. Clan Galbraith will be going in May of 2022 for a gathering. We hold gatherings every two years and go to Scotland every ten. We would love to have you and your husband join us. All you have to do is join the club. You can find us at and on Facebook at Clan Galbraith.

Paul Glabraith
Clan Galbraith President

Added: February 26, 2021
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Been working on genealogy for a few years now but just getting around to joining. Looking forward to this shared connection and getting to know others in my "big family!"

My great-great-grandmother was a Culbreath; her grandfather was Cornelius Neil Galbraith (Direct ancestor-6 generations)
b: Sep 24 1739
d: Aug 14 1828
from Islay Island, Argyll.

Admin reply: Lin,
Welcome to the group. I hope you will take advantage of both the great resources and people who are part of this group. If you have not joined the Clan Galbraith Facebook page I would encourage you to do it also.

Added: February 15, 2021
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Hi guys! I am a Gilbreath from the Henry Clay Gilbreath side in Texas/Oklahoma. He is my Great-Great Grandpa! Just wanted to say hi!!! :!cool:

Admin reply: Hello Kelly,
Thanks for finding us on the web. It is great to hear your gggrandpa was Henry Clay Gilbreath. We have a little bit of information about his family and we would love to know more. You can also find us on Facbook at Clan Galbraith. Any relative or family member is welcome there. It is a closed Facebook group only for Galbraiths or spelling variations and spouses or kin.

Paul Galbraith
President Clan Galbraith

Added: December 19, 2020
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My grandfather is Leroy Galbraith. I AM from the Galbraiths buried at Hershey Pennsylvania USA. Of the
Rev. Bertram Galbraith

Admin reply: Dear Diana,
First let me apologiz e for being so late to respond to your guestbook post. The Galbraiths buried at Hershey Pa. cemetery at Derry Church are very important to both the Bertram and Galbraith history. We have done several articals in the Red Tower regarding the church cemetery and the lineage of those lines.At the time of the last article there were about 60 CGS members descended from those Bertrams and Galbraiths, according to our DNA project. If you are not a member I would encourage you to become one and search out the history of the line and find family you may not know you have. :o

Paul B. Galbraith
Clan President

Added: October 15, 2020
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Trying for years to find my Scottish heritage , had my DNA in several forums and found that James Galbraith 3rdof Culcreuch is my 15th great grandfather , so excited to learn all I can about my heritage

Added: August 15, 2020
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Welcome. Please feel free to ask or comment on anything to do with the Clan, or the surname Galbraith and its variant spellings. :o

Added: June 28, 2017
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After speaking with my Aunt and my dad, I found out my dad’s grandmother was Ellen Elizabeth Galbraith. Their great grandfather was Thomas Galbraith, he married Sarah Tate. I know Ellen Elizabeth Galbraith was born in England, but later married a Gillings and moved to Toronto.

I have tried and several sites. I was trying to find my lineage of Galbraith. I can only get to my great great grandfather Thomas Galbraith. I do know from my aunt that we have Galbraith lineage, and that we are Scottish and Irish on the Galbraith side and English on the Tate side.

Added: June 8, 2020
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Hello Galbraith family. I am the son of LB, son of Edward Galbreath/Galbearth (b.1915), son of George Galbreath (b. 1880's).

One day I will have to come home to Scotland and meet the rest of my family.


Added: May 15, 2020
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Just looking over this site.

Added: May 9, 2020
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Been trying for years to find out my heritage and who I really am.

I know a little about my Grand Father and his mother. She was a Galbraith and put him up for adoption in Cape Town, shortly after his birth in 1916.

All other avenues have been dead ends, even so far as to try contacting the British consulate, here in SA and in the UK, for more information. But we are turned away everytime, the reason is not that there isn't information, but that the information CANNOT be given out to us???

My fathers Brother paid a private investigator to gather information on our family and our heritage, but he came back after a few months, gave back my uncle his money and said that he couldn't give out the information he had found.

I can research the Galbraith name and I can research my family as for back as my Great Grand Mother, my Grand Fathers Mother, but I cannot find any additional information on my family and who we really are.

Admin reply: Hello Craig,
Thank you for signing our guest book. We do have a lot of information about some of the Galbraith lines. Others we may not have as much. When members join Clan Galbraith Society, we try to ascertain from which DNA line the new member descends. We have a team that works with autosomal DNA and one that works with Y-DNA, which is passed father to son. If you have taken a DNA test and would like to join us and share your results with Clan Galbraith Society, we may be able to help you. You may also be able to help us make discoveries and knock down brick walls. Even if you have not taken a DNA test but know the names of your grandparents we may know of them I hope you will join us and that we can help.
Best regards,
Carol Galbreath Kiefer
President Clan Galbraith Society

Added: May 5, 2020
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