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My 4th grandfather Malcolm Galbraith (1790-1840), moved to Junction City, Union county Arkansas, 3rd Daniel Galbraith (1815-1893), 2nd Adam Galbraith (1859) Great grandmother Viola Galbraith (1902-1975) she lived in Junction City until death.

Admin reply: Dear Thimothy,
Thank you for your post.

Added: November 19, 2022
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I saw a comment from Kelly from California. She said her GGGgrandfather was Henry Clay Gilbreath of Oklahoma & Texas. He was my great grandfather. My grandmother was his daughter. I would love to know more about the clan and how to become a member.

Admin reply: Dear Barbra,
Thank you for signing our guestbook. All the information you need to learn more about the clan and join if you want to can be found at If you have any questions just give a shout out.

Added: October 19, 2022
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My grandfather was William Galbraith. He grew up in Missouri but moved to Nebraska.

Added: December 11, 2021
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Hi Paul thank you for your reply to my initial message. I will get sorted out and get myself joined. As above I ome from a small town called Coldstream in the Scottish Borders.



Added: March 18, 2022
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Hello, I'm currently living on Whidbey Island, Clinton Wa.
My Father was Ronald D Galbraith, Grandfather Glen Galbraith, he was from the Black Forest area. I will do more searching in my family history. I believe we are all inner connected as 1 whole family together. I just wanted you to know there is another Galbraith in this Wonderful World. I like and Honor your Society. Thank You

Added: May 16, 2022
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Couldn't post a reply apparently 🤣 For whoever asked, yeah I'm in Strathclyde, more specifically Ayrshire. I know Inchgalbraith is only an hour or so from where I am.

I had seen that there was a clan meeting being organised, if I can help or be involved in some way please don't hesitate to contact me either here or via my email.

Hopefully meet some of you guys soon 🤘💜💚👊

Added: August 14, 2022
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Hi all!

Started learning about the history of our clan a few years ago, was amazed to find out about Inchgalbraith and how actively involved our Clan was in the history of Scotland. Hoping to join this community soon and get to meet some of you 🤘

Much love from me and mine to ma extended lot 🤘💜💚👊

Admin reply: Tam it was a plesure to hear from you. Are you really from Strathclyde Scotland. I do hope you join our society. We are planning a gathering in Glasgow in 2024.

Added: July 27, 2022
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Hello fellow clan members!

I am visiting Scotland from July 24th,2022-July 31, 2022. I do hope I am able to visit with other Clan Galbraith members while there. I'll be wearing a kilt made up in the Galbraith tartan ;)
I am sad that Castle Culcreuch in Fintry is closed, but I will be driving to see it, nevertheless.

My maternal grandfather was Thomas Patrick Brown, the son of Jane Bodily Galbraith Brown. She was born in Kaysville, Utah on April 2, 1879 to William Wilkie Galbraith and Emma Sarah Bodily Galbraith. William was born May 12,1838 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England. His parents, George Galbraith and Anne Wilkie were both from Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.

Please say hello! I am excited to meet new family.
Warm regards,
Yvonne L. Whitt ;)

Admin reply: Dear Yvonne,
Thank you for your note. I hope you have safe travel to Scotland and have a wonderful time in our native homeland. I do hope you get to at least walk the grounds of castle Culcreuch. The the I heard they had closed the road leading to the castle.
I like your genealogy that you added also and I will make sure our genealogists get it.

Paul Galbraith
President of the CGS

Added: June 28, 2022
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Hi everyone, My mothers Maiden Name is Kilbreath. Since meeting Paul Galbraith in Townsend TN. It stirred up some reaction in the family about where we came from that I never knew. I'm told that as far back as anyone knows, we came from Oklahoma where my grandfathers grandfather ran away after killing a man over a dispute over a horse to avoid the law. Henceforth, the family of Kilbreath almost all of them live in McDougal Arkansas. Right under the bootheel of Missouri.
My mothers Name (maiden) is Wonda Gene Kilbreath
Her fathers Name is Wayne Wayford Kilbreath

Added: June 1, 2022
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I have been working on my ancestor history for many years.. Tickled to fine this web site. This is how I'm related to the Gilbreath's.
Joseph David Noojin- My Father
David Newton Noojin- Grandfather
Cain Marion Noojin- Great Grandfather
Francis Marion Noojin- GG Grandfather
Melford Neugent (Noojin) GGG Grandfather Married Elizabeth Gilbreath my GGG Grandmother.
Baxter Gilbreath GGGG Grandfather
George Gilbreath GGGGG Grandfather
William Wesley Gilbreath GGGGGG Grandfather
Jmaes Galbraith born 1703 Northern Ireland,GGGGGGG Grandfather

Joyce Noojin

Admin reply: Joyce,
I had a typo on the cost. It is $45 dollars for 3 years.

Added: March 25, 2022
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