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An Important Message about the Clan Gathering.
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Added Veteran's Day 2021 Rememberances to the Military Records page. (From Facebook Group)

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( Thanks to John Galbraith for making this video! Thanks to all who participated and thanks to Rick Galbraith for the stirring Galbraith "Anthem"! )

2012 Clan Gathering
Fintry, Scotland

Clan Galbraith Society

est. 1980

Rekindling the Galbraith Clan spirit.

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The Clan Galbraith Society (CGS, formerly the Clan Galbraith Association - CGA), is actively seeking members interested in their Galbraith family history and Scottish customs.

We are a worldwide family with diverse interests bound together by our Scottish heritage.

The name Galbraith is reportedly from the Gaelic words “Clan-a-Bhreatannich” or “children of the foreigner Briton”. Our newsletter title 'The Red Tower', was taken from ancient verse, which was translated to the following:

Galbraith of the Red Tower
Noblest of the Albannic Race, thy pedigree

The Red Tower is recognized as referring to Dumbarton Castle, former seat of the Royal House of Strathclyde.

Membership is open to those persons related by blood or marriage to the Galbraith Clan, or who can establish a reasonable presumption of direct descent from an ancestor meeting the name requirement. This shall include the surnames: Calbreath, Colbath, Colbreath, Culbreath, Galberth, Galbreath, Galbreth, Gilbraith, Gilbreath, Gilbreth, Gilreath, Kilbreath, Kilbreth, Kulbeth, or any of the other spelling variants of the Galbraith surname.

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Culcreuch Castle

In Fintry, Stirlingshire, Scotland was recently a hotel, now a private residence, but once was the ancestral home of Clan Galbraith; built in 1296. This castle replaced the clan stronghold of Inchgalbraith in Loch Lomond. Other Galbraith castles included Gartconnel, Balgair, Balvie, Bannachra, Bardowie, Barskimming, Craigmaddie, Garscadden, Mains, as well as Kincaid House. All were located between Stirling and Glasgow.